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Relocation Division

Restore Relocation division comprises of Restore Harrow Green and Restore Technology. Restore Harrow Green is the UK leader in commercial relocations while Restore Technology operates in IT equipment reuse and recycling.

Harrow Green"The UK’s favourite business relocation organisation"
Restore Harrow Green is the UK’s leading office relocations company with a focus on supporting blue chip corporate clients. The business offers a full project management service the physical relocation of furnishings, documents and IT equipment so that relocated staff simply turn up and can operate in their new facility.

The business also provides specialist relocation management services to customers such as the Ministry of Defence and will undertake long term storage and furniture and office asset recycling as complementary client solutions. The business also offers international move support for individuals or whole office relocations.

With a team of over 360 staff and operating a fleet of over 115 vehicles from 8 branches across the UK, the business has the size and experience to manage significant complexity and flex resources to accommodate demanding timetables required by clients seeking to minimise downtime.

Importantly, Restore Harrow Green also plays a key role in introducing new customers to other Group companies as a physical move is often a trigger for housekeeping or business process development where the Group is well placed to provide additional services.

Technology"Highly accredited and secure IT asset lifecycle management provider"
Restore Technology is a leading IT asset deployment, management and decommissioning business with the highest levels of process and security certification in the sector.

Operating from 4 sites in the UK, revenues are generated at the early life stage from software imaging, physical installation and asset tagging and later, during the operating life of the asset, by providing relocation services or hardware and software upgrades. At the end of life, Restore Technology provides fully secured and certificated decommissioning and subsequent asset repurposing or recycling.

In a fragmented and largely unregulated market, Restore Technology provides customers with a trusted supply chain that can meet complex physical requirements through its national scale and highly qualified technicians. The accredited processes provide customer assurance in relation to the significant data risk on asset decommissioning and with high levels of asset repurposing and zero landfill, the business provides a strong environmental case for organisation seeking to develop their environmental and social policies.

With recent investment in its class leading site at Bedford and from developing partnerships with leading IT channel partners, the business is focussed on engaging new customers at the early and mid-life stage in order to take significant market share in end of life management which in turn leads to re-engagement in early and mid-life care.

The asset management and disposal market is a growing but not yet mature and Restore Technology has the potential to become the key reference point and market leader in the sector.


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