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Document Management Division

Restore's Document Management division consists of three business streams: document storage – both physical and Cloud storage, shredding and scanning, working together to deliver customer requirements across the Document Management sector.

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"Customer focussed document storage and records management provider"
Number 2 in the marketplace, and with 5,800 highly valued customers across the private and public sectors, the business provides storage and retrieval solutions for hard copy documents, magnetic data storage tapes and heritage assets together with a range of document management services to support a variety of customer requirements.

Our commercial proposition is that it can realise significantly lower storage and management costs than a customer could achieve through application of their own resources and that customer processes can be significantly enhanced through utilisation of Restore’s highly accredited experience in handling high volumes of physical records.

Key operating targets for the business are optimising storage density and delivering class leading customer service. Consistent achievement of these objectives has resulted in high levels of customer satisfaction and excellent customer retention.

Operating from 55 locations across the UK, the property estate is primarily leasehold and provides a mixture of deep and active storage options. The majority of facilities take the form of large, modern industrial units, although the business also operates from a number of cost effective locations in heritage aircraft hangers and former stone mines.

"Trusted paper shredding and recycling"
Restore Datashred is currently number 2 in the UK marketplace. The business’s scale is particularly important in a sector where the key factor driving profitability is route density and operational efficiency.

Restore Datashred operates from 12 shredding centres across the UK with over 450 staff and a fleet of 200+ collection and mobile shredding vehicles. With a 4.5/5 trust pilot rating, the business serves approximately 14,500 customers from SMEs to large public organisations.

The business provides a highly complementary service to our other activities across the Group with many customers having a shredding requirement as part of a location move or digitisation process for example.

"Leading digital enablement business, converting hard copy documents into electronic images or data streams"
Having expanded rapidly to number 2 in the market, Restore Digital aims to continue to grow through acquisition and by development of its product offer as well as servicing the existing digital scanning market. As scale increases, margins should expand as scale offers the opportunity for processing efficiency and higher returns on central investment costs.

Restore Digital has over 360 staff working across 8 scanning bureaus in the UK.

The customer focussed team can perform a number of digital services including one-off scanning projects or collaborate with clients to develop embedded process support, for example acting as a digital mailroom, receiving hard copy mail and redistributing in electronic format or as a process enabler, lifting data from hard copy documents and providing information processing services or cloud hosted database management.


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