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Restore sign's up to The Climate Group's EV100 project - Committing to a Greener Fleet

At Restore plc we are focusing ever more on sustainability and a significant part of the strategy is how to transition our extensive fleet (>500 vehicles and growing) across our five business units to electricity. So, we are delighted to join The Climate Group’s EV100 project that, along with some of the world’s most influential companies, is working towards making electric vehicles the norm by 2030.

The transport sector is a huge overall contributor to greenhouse gases, accounting for nearly a quarter of all energy-related emissions and, of course, business vehicles make up over half of all registered vehicles on the road. We have just nine short years in which to change the way we operate.

So, in joining, here at Restore we are making a public commitment in a number of key areas:

We’re integrating EVs into our fleet
– three new EV vans are hard at work at Restore Records Management and Harrow Green, while a pioneering large-scale collections truck will be working in our fleet at Restore Datashred from January 2021. Meanwhile, a number of employees have also stepped down the EV route and drive electrically-powered company cars.

We’re placing EV requirements in our service contracts
– by working with like-minded suppliers we seek to influence their decision making when it comes to their sustainability best practice.

We’re installing our own charging infrastructure
– the Restore charging point network, with a number of points already fuelled by home-generated electricity from photovoltaic roof panelling, is gradually springing up across our business units, encouraging EV uptake by everyone – employees and customers.

Of course, there is a significant benefit associated with transitioning our vehicles to EV. Not only is it a huge part of any business’ sustainability policy, but it means we are working more effectively with our local authorities, complying with everchanging government guidelines, such as Ultra Low Emission Zones, and pleasing our neighbours and fellow citizens, too.

I look forward to Restore plc joining fellow corporate travellers in championing The Climate Group’s EV100 initiative quite simply because it’s the right thing to do.

Sandra Rolling, Head of EV100 says:

“I am delighted that Restore are joining EV100. They are an example of another impressive British business leading the way in the electric vehicle space.”