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Restore Datashred wins prestigious recycling industry award

At the beginning of the year the Restore Datashred team entered the Awards for Excellence in Recycling and Waste Management, specifically the highly competitive Paper Recycling Business of the Year category.

The judging panel was looking for quantity, quality and a commitment to sustainability. Thanks to our UK-wide service; customer service excellence, as seen on Trustpilot communications and reporting, as demonstrated by our customer Environmental Report and, most of all, thanks to our dedicated people who work so hard to make the business a success – we won the award.

Facts and figures

These are some of the reasons why the panel judged us to be the Paper Recycling Business of the Year.

In 2019 we shredded and sent 80,000 tonnes of paper for recycling.

Our 80,000 tonnes of paper were recycled into products such as kitchen rolls, industrial paper and tissues, and represent key savings for the world around us:

  • 1,360,000 trees
  • 336,000,000 Kwh of energy
  • 2,560,000,000 litres of water
  • 48,000,000 kilos of CO2

We are backed by our strong company values and we take pride in offering you the service, scale and efficiency you need to get the best possible recycling results for your business, wherever you are in the UK, whether you’re in an office, a factory or remote working from home.