Date Publication Title Item
01-Oct-20 Investors Chronicle Restore springs back to life View
01-Oct-20 Shares Restore rallies on rising activity in third quarter View
01-Oct-20 Restore on Track to Deliver Strong Second Half As Activity Sky News Interview with Charles Bligh, CEO View
03-Sept-20 Small Company Sharewatch Small Company Sharewatch says BUY Restore; CEO Charles Bligh discusses strong business position, supportive market trends and M&A opportunities View
30-Jul-20 Investors Chronicle Investors Chronicle says BUY Restore: Significant market opportunity and possibility for future M&A ahead View
30-Jul-20 Sky News Sky News Interview with Charles Bligh, CEO View
28-Apr-20 Daily Telegraph Questor, the Daily Telegraph share tip column, recommends Restore as a high quality, well positioned business View
02-May-20 Mail on Sunday Joanne Hart's MIDAS column in the Mail on Sunday says BUY Restore: Significant value available to investors View
14-May-20 Shares Shares magazine recommends Restore as a stock to buy in a post COVID-19 environment View
26-Mar-20 Shares Shares magazine gives Restore a BUY recommendation as it forms part of its "Great Ideas" portfolio View
05-Dec-19 Financial Times CEO Charles Bligh talks to the Financial Times about Restore's growing Technology business View
31-Jul-19 Investors Chronicle Investors Chronicle says BUY Restore: Operations in the Public sector to rise View
18-Jul-19 Shares Shares magazine says BUY Restore: Significant opportunity for growth and margin increases View
18-Mar-19 Investors Chronicle Investors Chronicle highlights the confidence returning to Restore as the new management team take the helm View