COVID 19 Supplier Information

Dear valued supplier,

We would like to work together with you to help keep all our face-to-face contact and meetings as safe as possible for everyone throughout the current Coronavirus incident.

In this spirit of collaboration, Restore would expect all our suppliers to adhere to our visitor policies, which are always available to view as part of the signing in procedure. In addition, we are taking extra precautionary steps in order to prevent the spread of the virus and ask all suppliers who visit our sites to take the following precautions, wherever practical:

  • Regular handwashing – using supplying hand sanitiser if soap and water is unavailable
  • Enhanced cleaning regimes for all workspaces and vehicles
  • Pens or tablets used for signatures cleaned with sanitising wipes before a Restore employee touches or uses them
  • Your company’s adherence to government advice regarding isolation of employees, should it become necessary
  • Your company notifying Restore immediately should a supplier visit one of our sites and later display symptoms of Coronavirus, so we can isolate our team accordingly.

Upon arrival at one of our sites, we are requiring all our suppliers to complete our Health Screening Questionnaire. This is a simple questionnaire with yes/no answers. We will not give access to anyone who answers ‘yes’ to any of these questions and you will need to reschedule your delivery or meeting, or make alternative arrangements.

On a final note, if your company has relevant health and safety policies, as well as business continuity policies relating to Coronavirus, we ask that you email them to as soon as possible. 

And if you have not done so already, please complete our supplier Terms and Conditions at

We thank you for your help and support.

Frequently Asked Questions for Customers

Restore have received various questionnaires from our customers during the COVID-19 pandemic, around business continuity and business disruption.

Please be assured that all our services have continued to operate during the pandemic with safety as our first priority for our employees, customers and suppliers. Compiled below is a list of questions that we are frequently being asked by our customers.

We hope that this will address any questions you have however if there are additional specific points that you require information on then please email, along with your rationale as to why this is critical. You will appreciate our focus is on continuing to provide the highest levels of service we are known for.

We thank you for your co-operation and continued support,

The Restore Team

Has your company implemented alternative work arrangements in response to COVID-19? Please provide details on measures taken and any impact.

Anyone who can work from home is doing so. Those whose job requires them to remain on site are doing so in adapted COVID-19 secure conditions. All home workers are required to carry out COVID-19 home working risk assessments, assessing whether appropriate measures and controls are in place to ensure the safety of all our home workers.

Our home based and site-based teams are well connected, allowing minimal disruption for our customers.

All helpdesks and customer service teams are running. While we are trying to maintain any SLAs in place, your understanding that some team members are on furlough is greatly appreciated. These teams will be transparent and upfront if they expect any delays to usual service.

Are you operating in BAU mode or are there any BCP arrangements that have been implemented?

From 24/03/20 we categorised our customers to prioritise key workers, such as the NHS. Some of our divisions had suspended some services, but these are now being gradually lifted and we can assure all customers that we have implemented robust COVID-19 prevention measures.

How are you communicating impact to clients and implementation of emergency measures?

We are communicating through all available channels, these include our Account Managers and Customer Services Teams, email, telephone, our website and across social media.

Can you confirm you are also speaking to third party vendors that are critical to supporting your operations in these locations to ensure preparedness and no gaps in support?

We have clear and open lines of communications with all key suppliers. Currently we have identified no gaps in support. To support this and ensure our suppliers have robust COVID-19 compliant procedures we have introduced a supplier and third party COVID-19 compliant assurance programme.

The key risks to our supply chain are generally connected to transport. Such as fuel shortages. But these are generally mitigated by our ability to use the Restore Group’s nationwide fleet to support each individual Restore company when needed.

Do personnel have remote systems access to work from home?

Operational, warehouse staff and drivers are unavailable to work from home. Secure, back office environments have been created for all other staff that provides secure remote access and enabling these workers to work from home.

How can you ensure your systems stay live during the COVID-19 response?

All systems are housed on a secure third-party managed data centre, with a further back up facility. No software is stored on local machines. DR tests are conducted at least annually with an RTO of four hours and RPO of one hour. Full back ups of data take place at every 24 hour and we have robust IT security controls which include industry leading Firewalls, network system monitoring, network security access controls.

What are the alternative recovery plans if personnel cannot work from home or if work from home is not feasible beyond certain duration?

At the moment those who can work from home are doing so. This has freed up space across our estate to allow for COVID-19 compliant social distancing, and other site changes such as one-way systems. We do not an envisage a situation where all sites will close, but BC plans will ensure if a site is forced to shut the work is quickly transferred safely to another Restore location.

How resilient are your cash flow arrangements and do you expect any financial difficulties as a result of the pandemic?

Restore has modelled several COVID-19 scenarios, varying the severity and length of potential outcomes. Under these various scenarios the Group was projected to continue to operate well within its banking facilities and, combined with a strong balance sheet, management are confident in the prospects of the business.