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Keen on Green

At Restore Harrow Green, our relocations business, they are keen on green (see PlanetMark™, below).

A group of half a dozen volunteer ‘green champions’ from across all areas of the company help make sure that environmental issues are key in decision-making processes, new initiatives and ideas and in everyday working practices. Activities the team get involved in range from the more prosaic awareness-raising about switching off lights, computers, recycling and not boiling the kettle for just one cup of tea, to larger aims such as getting bike racks installed at the central office as part of a ‘cycle to work’ scheme, and even larger aims such as signing up to focus on three of the UN’s 17 global goals. The Green Team chose the areas of good health and wellbeing, climate action and life on land to share and take action on with their colleagues and they communicate progress, successes and requests for help in a regular electronic Green Team newsletter.


Five years ago, Restore Harrow Green signed up to this certification programme that recognises commitment to continuous improvement and good practice in sustainability. PlanetMark™ measures our carbon footprint and environmental performance in areas such as vehicle fleet performance, electricity and water use, and helps us engage with our teams and suppliers to drive improvements through.

On the last reported year – May 2016-June 2017 – Restore Harrow Green achieved a 19.3% carbon reduction per employee over the previous period, and a total carbon footprint decrease of 6.8%, and were given stretching targets to beat for the current year.

The most recent PlanetMark™ report is here.

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The Woodland Trust

The Woodland Trust

Did you know that only 13% of England and Wales is covered with woodland and that this figure rises to only 16% in Scotland?

Restore employees have spent time volunteering at Heartwood, managed by the Woodland Trust, in Hertfordshire, planting saplings and checking the trees that have already taken root. Restore Datashred is a major recycler of paper, in 2017 alone helping prevent the felling of 1700 trees through putting recycled paper back into manufacture, so they certainly do see the value of woods and forests and are proud to be corporate sponsors of the Woodland Trust.

In addition to our Group activities, we encourage our people to support charities and help in our communities by sponsoring fundraising efforts and by allowing time away from work to participate in, and volunteer at, events for a range of approved charities.

The Carbon Trust

To establish and strongly grow our environmental credentials, a number of years ago we embarked on a wide-ranging consultancy with The Carbon Trust. This initiative resulted in a detailed, 10-point plan of action where we committed to working through the trust’s recommendations of, for example, replacing older lights with LED, using more energy efficient units for our air-handling equipment in deep storage sites, and moving to low-carbon solutions for our gas-suppressed areas. You can find out more about how we are upholding our commitments, and more, by viewing our sustainability and renewable energy pieces on these pages.


the Carbon Trust


We aim for 0% landfill

A large part of our Group services involves disposal, from office-sourced paper and other materials, to end-of-life archived box contents, to IT equipment and office furniture. We are in the business of managing the forward motion of data and location cycles – without just throwing it all into landfill.

Energy conservation and the prevention of pollution are key considerations within our operations.

We work hard to:

  • reduce consumption of materials and promote re-use and recycling, including furniture unsuitable for redistribution
  • achieve ongoing improvement in environmental performance and minimise the impact of our operations on the environment
  • minimise the impact of our buildings, structures and operational plant by reducing visibility and noise

We are currently migrating all our facilities to a mix of ultra-low wattage LED lighting, very slim T5 fluorescent tubes, and PIR sensors, while we have modernised ambient machinery to make sure we meet the correct storage conditions for your archive documents and tapes more quickly, more efficiently – saving electricity and keeping costs low.



Re-Use, Re-Sell, Re-cycle

In house, we practise what we preach about recycling. Typically, sites adhere to the EU directive regarding mixed waste and we recycle over 95% of all waste. And, of course, Restore Technology’s end-of-life IT support is a service based on sending nothing to landfill.

Instead, we refurbish hardware for re-sale and a customer rebate, or donate to local charities and community groups. What we absolutely commit to is recycling every last nut and bolt and motherboard from every device.

Renewable Energy

A strong initiative that has sustainability at its core is the bio-energy scheme at Bentwaters Park near Ipswich whose anaerobic digesters provide local power for local people, including two of Restore’s high-security storage facilities. The machinery is fed on a mix of vegetable and maize silage and apple pressings sourced from within a five to ten-mile radius of the site, and they produce three sources of energy.

The energy plant has a 3.8MW rating, which refers to the amount of electricity it produces every hour. This is enough power to fuel over 2,000 households for a year and we are pleased to be connected to this source of ‘dark green’ energy.

Renewable Energy