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Our Strategy

We aim to be a market leader within the spheres we operate, and to maintain a truly national network across mainland Britain. In all of our business streams, particularly Records Management, customers prefer not to change suppliers – the “sticky” effect – so, in addition to organic growth, we also build our market share and reach by acquisition. That way, we can offer customers with national presence the opportunity to consolidate their supplier base.

We understand what it takes for UK offices to work well, and we understand our customers: the IT and facilities managers responsible for keeping their offices running smoothly. Thus, with our activities all having this similar channel to market, once we gain a customer, we focus on retaining them through first-class customer service and cross-selling the services we offer, so helping our customers to deliver their objectives, and use our comprehensive Customer Relationship Management system to identify such opportunities.

Having built originally on our records management activities, we have steadily diversified into related markets and then built our market share through a combination of acquisition and investment in sales, locations and technology. Overall we seek to consolidate certain UK office services where there are benefits of scale and consistency of demand, for which we have a proven record.

Our key principle is that power and responsibility go hand in hand. Our people know what is expected of them and we give them the power to make their own decisions. Accordingly, they accept responsibility for their actions. This is crucial in a business where first-class customer service is the only way to satisfy and retain customers. We achieve success through well-motivated, capable people doing their jobs to the best of their ability. 

Our business model

There is no restriction on the transfer of AIM securities.